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I’m a bit on pink and red overload with Valentine’s. I’ve been wanting to create some new artwork. Decided I’d try something that feels sort of light and airy in comparison to all the heavy, saturated color we see this time of year. When I was reminded of these candy airplanes (instructions here) on Pinterest, it went perfectly with a theme I’d been batting around in my head, “Love is in the Air!” I decided I’d create a free printable collection along these lines in which the little candy airplane would make an appearance.

Here’s what I used, in specific, for my airplanes:

  • Fruit Stripe Gum (still comes in an old-school pack WITH the white wrapper) and more appealing to kids than cinnamon gum in my opinion
  • Red, pink, white or pale blue seamless ponytail holder (so the candy won’t taste all rubber bandy)
  • Two cherry lifesavers (my kids would spit the white ones out pronto)
  • One roll of Smarties
  • Tiny Valentine’s stickers (these shown were 2/$1 at Walgreen’s)

Note: If you or your school is opposed to gum for kids this age, you can use a pack of Pez just as well (I’m thinking that an AirHead or mini Laffy Taffy might also work in the gum’s stead). There’s just no pretty white surface to sticker.

These cutie little airplanes fit perfectly into a 4 x 4 inch zipper bag (check your craft store’s jewelry section).  I’ve provided a sweetie pie printable bag topper which prints two to a page on a 4×6. There’s also a version with six to a letter page included. It’s very hard to tell from my fab photog, but the background is pale blue with clouds! Just trim in half and score down the middle of the red scallops to fold. Adhere with glue dots or double stick tape. I used some of each since my paper stock has an extra bit of body to it.

I also did a sort of girl and boy version of the flat Valentine’s handout cards–one with a heart balloon and another with the little plane skywriting “Love” in the clouds. Each has a place to write the names in.

I thought the balloon version lent itself well to a candy add-on. So using my rotary fabric cutter (or an Xacto knife), I cut a 3/4″ slit just below the red of the balloon tip and inserted this heart-shaped sucker. Cute, no? I trimmed some of the excess wrapper off to make it less bulky. If you like, you can score this card to fold in half, then seal it with a sticker. These also print on 4×6, but I have included a download for printing three on a letter-sized page as well.

Look at that happy little heart balloon/sucker! I secured the stick to the back of the card with a piece of clear tape.

Finally, available for free download are these sweet toppers. You can punch them with a 2 inch paper punch as shown here and use them as cupcake picks.

The same printable file also works well as straw toppers when using a 1 1/2 inch paper punch. Here, I freehand cut the 3/4″ slits with a my handheld rotary cutter and inserted festive paper drinking straws.

I am pleased as punch with the way these turned out, and I hope you will be too! You can download your free Valentine’s printables below or here. I can’t BELIEVE it’s almost February! Can’t you just smell the love that’s in the air? Or maybe it’s cupcakes. Either way, enjoy!

Valentine Cupcake+Straw Toppers

Airplane Valentine 4×6

Airplane Valentine Letter

Heart Balloon Valentine 4×6

Heart Balloon Valentine Letter

Airplane Bag Toppers 4×6

Airplane Bag Toppers Letter

Please note these materials are copyrighted by Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC. and are meant for your personal use only. You may not alter, resell or claim as your own any part of these files available here for download. Thanks!

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