Winter-inspired Princess Party

It’s hard to believe it’s already time again for my Christmas baby’s birthday party! Really does seem like not that long ago we hosted the silhouette-themed birthday brunch for close friends and family.  We held the celebration on her birthday (December 27th) last year because we already had everyone in town for the holidays. With all the Christmas business I do on top of the typical holiday to dos, I decided that this year we’d wait until school was back in session, hand out invitations in early January and allow ourselves some time for holiday recovery before the party on the 29th. I am brilliant, no?

Well, let me tell you, we are ALL about some princesses this year. Princesses and snow, which we never have but she enjoys talking about. A lot. Making snowmen. Snow families. Snow angels. Catching snowflakes on her tongue. Sledding. I think she’s been watching too much Olivia. We had Kristen over at Crumb Gourmet whip up these sweet No. 3 cookies for her to share with her preschool friends. We did a little touch of the licensed character stuff for her classroom celebration, which made Caroline quite happy.

And now I get to plan something inspired by the season and devoid of anything Disney, which makes me quite happy! Here is the invitation.

I tried my hand for the first time at a glitter embellishment on the invitations. It’s just a touch, but I think it really adds a big of magic to them, and sets just the right mood. I haven’t played with glitter since 1994, when a friend nominated me (in my absence I might add) to hand glitter what had to have been over 500 names on date signs for prom. Glitter has come a LONG way since then.

Note: it is unreasonably hard to capture things that are glittered in a photograph. The process confirmed something that you all already know: I am no photographer.

I went with Blackmoor, a nice regal font for our wording “Let the trumpets sounds on the joyous occasion of Princess Caroline’s Third Birthday Celebration!” I’m happy to report a good many folks have already let me know that they are coming even ten days out! Our RSVP line was “The favour of a reply we hope you’ll make. The royal baker is requesting a count for the cake!” I thought it was playful while pointing out a hostess’ very real need for people to respond if requested.

We handed out the majority of the invitations, sending some home in school bags and delivering others personally to friends in the neighborhood. I decided to have a little fun with our royal theme. Lady Isabela of the House of Caudell, Sir Wright, Duke of Wallace, Sir Shep and Lady Katherine of the House of Kirchner. Everyone had a noble title and each envelope was embellished with a glittery snowflake. Suspect people may think I’m unbalanced, but I thought it was fun (and funny) so…

I am getting super excited! Lauren and I worked yesterday on firming up some ideas. I so love having someone to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of. Plus, she and I feed off one another. It’s almost dangerous. Can’t wait to share pictures of the big day! I’d better get busy.

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